Fieldcraft: Four Stories on the Edge Between the Present and the Future

The cover of the book "Fieldcraft: Four Stories on the Edge Between the Present and the Future," by Kellan Sparver. It depicts a man's face, wearing a fedora. A black bar with the title covers his eyes as though censored.

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A spy searches for meaning and survival.
A gay couple and their community confront an external threat.
Two men wait for the shuttle off-planet.
A young boy loses a friend in a small town whose residents are slowly being replaced by robots.

These are four stories on the edge between the present and the future.

Please bring something of yourself to these stories. The people in them are not in touch with themselves or accepting of themselves. They are alienated from the people and societies around them. Please bring your kindness and your compassion to their stories, these people who do not have any for themselves. All of them change and grow, but only some of them realize it.

—from the Introduction


  • “Fieldcraft”
  • “Hitchhiker”
  • “September, After”
  • “The Sky, Full of Swallows”