Swallows loop and swirl around a church steeple. “The Sky, Full of Swallows” (short story)
The boy’s spade strikes a rock in the black loam with the distinctive scrape of steel on stone.
“Fieldcraft” (short story)
This is how you resist.
Milky Way over Iowa “Song for a Moonlit Night” (poem)
Do you get lonely
A coach-and-four thunders down a dirt road “September, After” (short story)
It was about noontime on a Saturday that the mail wagon turned in to the driveway of David and Nathan’s place, a cloud of dust from the road rolling in behind it.
“Hitchhiker” (short story) — Science fiction
The traveler didn’t mean to be there; it just happened to be where he was.
“Palo Alto, Early Summer” (flash) — Mainstream fiction
I take a stick of incense from the narrow brass holder I have mounted to the door-post, light it, and lay it askew in the salver below the small stone lantern — my shrine to my nameless deity of travel and the crossroads.
“Homecoming” (flash) — Mainstream fiction
I swear there’s something in the air here which makes me hate myself more than usual,” I say, unlocking the doors on the rental car.
"No Clowns", by “The Fun Police” (short story) — SF humor
The office was still too bright for my hangover. I was nursing it with a glass of water, my third of the day. It wasn’t helping.
"She meets an angel", by Kellan Sparver “She meets an angel” (short story) — SF erotica, NSFW
She meets an angel at a party, earlier that night.
“Walk to Work” (flash) — SF
I’m a little off from my usual schedule this morning, which means a different route, but I have a lunch meeting with some potential investors in Kendall Square practically downstairs from my apartment, so I can’t loop up to Davis for Thursday Redbones lunch with my team like I usually do.

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