Quote for the Night

Behind all the political rhetoric being hurled at us from abroad, we are bringing home one unassailable fact — [terrorism is] a crime by any civilized standard, committed against innocent people, away from the scene of political conflict, and must be dealt with as a crime….

[I]n our recognition of the nature of terrorism as a crime lies our best hope of dealing with it….

[L]et us use the tools that we have. Let us invoke the cooperation we have the right to expect around the world, and with that cooperation let us shrink the dark and dank areas of sanctuary until these cowardly marauders are held to answer as criminals in an open and public trial for the crimes they have committed, and receive the punishment they so richly deserve.

– William H. Webster, Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation, 15 Oct 1985

Quoted in Patriot Games, by Tom Clancy.

It’s raining in Boston, as though to wash the past five days through the city’s pores and out, down the Charles, to the sea.

Boston is drinking, as though to wash the past five days through our collective pores and out, down the Charles, to the sea.

Here’s to MIT Campus Police officer Sean Collier, 26, who died protecting us. Here’s to the unnamed MBTA Transit Police officer who was wounded in the line of duty. Here’s to the hundreds of Boston police, firefighters, and EMTs who put their lives on the line for us this week. Here’s to everyone in Watertown who spent the last twenty-four hours living in fear of their lives. Here’s to the Dunkin’ Donuts employees who came into work to keep the city awake and alert despite the danger.

When the ticker at the bottom of the news screen in the burger bar changed from “2nd Marathon suspect in Watertown and alive” to “2nd Marathon suspect in Watertown, alive, and in custody,” my friends and I raised our glasses.

“To the rule of law,” I said.

“To the rule of law,” they replied, and we clinked our glasses, and got on with the business of living.