shininess trumps everything

There was going to be a more interesting post here, but I got distracted playing with WordPress theme settings and ran out of motivation.  (Doesn’t this site look so much better now?  Just tweaking a couple settings goes so far to making it look less like Every Other Damn WordPress Blog out there, even if it is still on the default theme.)  I have nebulous plans to move to a different theme eventually, but first there needs to be content, and I like the look well enough now to let it be for a while, I think.  I hope.  The twitching is a completely harmless nervous tic, I assure you.  To tide you over until I have enough brain to write real content, have an image macro, as we do in this here 21st century.

yo dawg, i heard u like facebook and video games so i put facebook in ur video game so u can facebook while u video game

u mad??