Crocus Season

2010-03-25 11.13.39

It is not crocus season yet.  I just saw the first buttercups, the very earliest of the spring ephemerals, this morning.  But it is closer to crocus season than it was last week, and for that I am profoundly grateful.  It has been a long, hard winter.

It has been quiet for too long here as well, but I am trying to get back into the habit of posting again.  Maybe nothing much ever at one go, but—it has been too long since I was in front of you, performing, and I miss that, so here I am in whatever small way I can manage.

Also!  I will be posting a story next Friday the 8th—the first of my Patreon stories, promised last July and then sidetracked.  (One of the excitements of my other line of work is that we can get called any day to drop everything we are doing because something important is on fire, and we have been very busy over the last year.)  But the story is now prepped and copyedited and scheduled, meaning it will be posted, so do please watch this space.

Not Dead, Just Resting

Whoops, didn’t realize I had let this blog sit fallow for over a month.  Worldcon plus server troubles plus life.  You know the drill.  My apologies.  (Anyone who has popped over here after meeting me at Worldcon — hello and well met!)

It’s a rainy night in Boston, a windy wet-black and sodium orange-soaked night.  The rain is coming in spurts like a pissing drunk with bad aim.  Everything’s a little noir.  No thunder, no lightning, just drumming rain, on and on.  It’s a good night to sit alone with a laptop in the dim street light, listening to the drops play the air-conditioner like a thumb piano.

Life is good, and will keep being good!  I just don’t really have much to say to the blog right now.  Maybe tomorrow.

shininess trumps everything

There was going to be a more interesting post here, but I got distracted playing with WordPress theme settings and ran out of motivation.  (Doesn’t this site look so much better now?  Just tweaking a couple settings goes so far to making it look less like Every Other Damn WordPress Blog out there, even if it is still on the default theme.)  I have nebulous plans to move to a different theme eventually, but first there needs to be content, and I like the look well enough now to let it be for a while, I think.  I hope.  The twitching is a completely harmless nervous tic, I assure you.  To tide you over until I have enough brain to write real content, have an image macro, as we do in this here 21st century.

yo dawg, i heard u like facebook and video games so i put facebook in ur video game so u can facebook while u video game

u mad??