Fiction: “The Sky, Full of Swallows”

Swallows loop and swirl around a church steeple.

I used to live in a little town not entirely unlike the town in this story. The nighthawks around our steeple weren’t robots, but they really did make a noise like a semi truck driving past.

This story is patrons-only until October 26, 2019! If you would like to read it before then, either join me on Patreon or buy my new short story collection, which includes it, in paperbook or ebook!

The story is now public! Enjoy! You can still, of course, also read it in paperback or ebook if you buy my new short story collection.

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The cover of the book "Fieldcraft: Four Stories on the Edge Between the Present and the Future," by Kellan Sparver. It depicts a man's face, wearing a fedora. A black bar with the title covers his eyes as though censored.

Now it can be told! I’m pleased to announce that I am launching my first collection, Fieldcraft: Four Stories on the Edge Between the Present and the Future, on Thursday, September 26!

I’m calling it my “EP”—it’s a short thing, four stories, three of which you may have read here, and a fourth, never before published. But it’s mine, and I’ve worked very hard over quite too long a time to put it together, and it’s beautiful. As well, like a good EP I think it’s a complete thought; has a thematic throughline, beginning, middle, and end; and I’m really proud of how it’s come together.

Ebook preorders are up at Amazon and Smashwords; the books will be available September 26. Paperbacks will be available from Amazon that day as well (edit: paperbacks are here!). The book site is here and will be kept up to date if I add new marketplaces.

As I teased earlier, I’ll also be posting the final of the four stories in the collection, “The Sky, Full of Swallows,” here on the 26th. Patreon backers will get exclusive access to it for a month before everybody else gets to read it!

Thanks to everybody (especially my Patreon backers!) who helped to make this possible. I’m really excited to finally get these stories out into the world like this!