Not Dead, Just Resting

Whoops, didn’t realize I had let this blog sit fallow for over a month.  Worldcon plus server troubles plus life.  You know the drill.  My apologies.  (Anyone who has popped over here after meeting me at Worldcon — hello and well met!)

It’s a rainy night in Boston, a windy wet-black and sodium orange-soaked night.  The rain is coming in spurts like a pissing drunk with bad aim.  Everything’s a little noir.  No thunder, no lightning, just drumming rain, on and on.  It’s a good night to sit alone with a laptop in the dim street light, listening to the drops play the air-conditioner like a thumb piano.

Life is good, and will keep being good!  I just don’t really have much to say to the blog right now.  Maybe tomorrow.